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Are you looking for valuable services? We provide connecting services in the development, implementation and management of infrastructure networks.


Outsourcing & Managed Services

Infrastructure networks are the backbone of our modern society. We provide specialist services for the entire chain of infrastructure projects. Outsource project components or engage us as a managed service partner.

We know the market

We have over 20 years of experience with various infrastructure projects within telecom and energy. As a result, we know the market through and through. Our team of entrepreneurial and committed people work with you on high quality sustainable solutions. We understand that what we do today is the basis for future projects.


We are ready for you

We understand the entire chain and have the ability to take important steps in it. We provide specific services or can manage the entire infrastructure network for you.

Our Services

Site Acquisition

We acquire locations for installation sites in telecom and energy. We manage the coordination, negotiation and agreement with site owners, information and courtesy.


We ensure that you have the correct permits. From building and construction permits to excavation and crane permits. We supervise the entire process from preliminary consultation to appeal and objection procedures.

Land affairs

We buy, exchange, rent and sell land for you, in order for the electrical infrastructure and/or towers to be installed. We establish rights of superficies to enable infrastructure inground, or above ground. We coordinate, analyze and ensure that the implementation can take place. We determine and agree on compensation in the event of damage.


We design above and inground infrastructure networks. From the high-level design to minute detail. From search and location determination to the details. We provide the working drawings and work packages for implementation.

Environment management

Our environment managers are the link between the project organization and the surrounding environment. They create and safeguard the right balance between the neighborhood interests and the project assignment. They know how to transfer the importance and complexity of the technology to the surrounding environment. Important aspects are maintaining and increasing support, minimizing nuisance and clear communication.


We manage your entire infrastructure network with respect to relations, legal affairs, commerce and data. Our goal is to safeguard the various assets. We ensure that today’s accepted project output is the validated input for tomorrow’s project.

Legal support

The market is changing rapidly. Legislative changes, stakeholders are added, external influences grow and conflicts of interest arise. This requires solid legal support. We support you in the development, implementation and management of infrastructure networks.

We are ready for you

We can support you in all the aspects of the chain. We provide specific services or completely take care of the management of the infrastructure for you.

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